Flatgekko™ C1 V1 LCG Chassis System Finally Arrived

A real C1 podium killer was born. We have spent 12 months to plant the performace DNA of the 150+ times podium killer, multiple champion Flatgekko™ C23 V2R LCG Chassis System into a Class 1 platform. Finally we succeeded. The Flatgekko™ C1 V1 LCG Crawler Chassis System has all the finests of Class 2 performance but still Class 1 legal.

Key Features

  1. Podium killer Class 2 performance for Class 1 finally in reach
  2. All-new 60g Grind™ 331FM LCG OD Front Motor Mount Transmission
  3. Ultra strong and durable 7075 aluminium chassis rails
  4. Super light SLS printed high-tech nylon polymer chassis accessories
  5. Class 2 proven V-Noze™ front-end design for extreme steering angle
  6. Seamless Grind™ ODT LCG OD Transmission integration as an option
  7. Ultra light and strong metal inserted dedicated skids for all major transmissions
  8. C1 V1 High-Clearance Link Kits supporting all major axle sets
  9. 100% legal to the SORRCA Class 1 ruleset with continuous updates
  10. All-made in Europe





Worldwide shipping straight from stock in 1-10 days.

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