Flatgekko™ XC23 High-End LCG Chassis System Arrived

Opening All-New Dimensions. Are You Ready?

We are super proud to showcase the all-new dimensions of your LCG scale rock crawling experience. After 14 months of designing, prototyping, bugfixing and testing a new level of rock crawling is here for you.

Meet the Flatgekko™ XC23 High-End LCG Chassis System.

Key Features

  • All-New Geometry Designed From Scratch
  • Reinvented Weight Distribution Concept 
  • Brand New Dedicated Grind™ 431FW LCG OD Transmission
  • 13.5º Angled Minimalist Forwarded Skid 
  • All-New Ultra Light CMS Mount Design 
  • Proven V-Noze™ Front End 
  • Ultra Light SLS Printed High-Tech Nylon Polymer Parts 
  • 100% Legal To All Major Scale Crawler Rulesets

Funders Club: Do Raise To Rise

Oh boy, finally here we go… We are super proud to announce the 3rd and until now the biggest bang in the history of Funders Club. After 14 months of designing, prototyping and bugfixing we got there to release the most sophisticated LCG chassis system we ever created: meet the Flatgekko™ XC23 LCG Chassis System

Funders Club™ By PROCRAWLER®

We are so happy to be able to establish a community platform for the drivers really supporting rock crawler RC while being able to come out with such an amazing product like the all-new Flatgekko™ XC23 LCG Chassis System.

Enjoy becoming a proud member of Funders Club by PROCRAWLER®. 

Select Your Option:

  • CMS Single Pack – SAVE 116.80€ (20%)
  • CMS Friends Pack – SAVE 340.60€ (30%)
  • AMS Single Pack – SAVE 103.80€ (20%)
  • AMS Friends Pack – SAVE 308.60€ (30%)


Estimated shipping: Late May, 2023
Worldwide shipping as always.

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