The Stonerockr™ V2 F6 Pro LCG Offset Wheels Are Finally Out

Your Favourite LCG Offset Wheels Reloaded

The insanely successful competition level LCG offset wheel product line, Stonerockr™ got 2 years old in August, 2023. We say happy birthday by taking it to a whole new level with its next generation packed with full of smart tech upgrades and an amazing design by PROCRAWLER® founder Pierre Silva.

Meet the Stonerockr™ V2 F6 Pro LCG Offset Wheels.

Stonerockr™ V2 Pro LCG Offset Wheels

Key Features

  • 100% LCG-driven design by Pierre Silva
  • All-new super strong bead mounting structure
  • Insane clearance for portal covers and knuckle weights
  • Ultra light structural design
  • All-new high-tech tough materials and 3D printing technology
  • Improved X-Ventz™ System
  • All-new color range for both 1.9″ and 2.2″ sizes
  • Amazing 6-size offset for perfect track-width
  • 100% legal to all major rulesets
  • Made in Europe

Successful Funders Club Crowdfunding Campaign

The Stonerockr™ V2 F6 Pro LCG Offset Wheel System was a very special product release for us as this product line is the first that was specially designed for our new high-tech resin based MSLA 3D printing technology.

So we were super happy to announce that Stonerockr™ V2 F6 Pro LCG Offset Wheel System Funders Club crowdfunding campaign has reached its goal and been 193% funded.

Thanks so much for our Proud Funders for supporting this state of the art LCG wheel product line coming to life.

Stonerockr™ V2 Pro LCG Offset Wheels by PROCRAWLER®


Worldwide shipping as always.

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