Introducing The All-New Cheatr™ Prank™ LCG Chassis System

Cheat-Mode On 

We decided to push the boundaries of everything we have thought about performance-driven rock crawling by releasing the compulsion to comply with any rulesets. Then the Cheatr™ Prank™ Outlaw LCG Chassis System was born. Take a deep dive into ultimate outlaw rock crawler RC performance and discover the “impossible” with your Prank™ build.

Meet the Cheatr™ Prank™ Outlaw LCG Chassis System.

Key Features:

  • Seamless Grind™ 431 V2 RM LCG OD Transmission Integration
  • Game-Changer No-Break Clear High-Tech Polymer Chassis
  • 20º Re-Angled Skid With Multiple Link Mount Options
  • Supporting All Motor Sizes From Snubnose To Fusion
  • Super Smart Integrations Straight Out Of The Box
  • Ultra Light High-Tech Nylon-Like Resin Chassis Accessories
  • High-Clearance Link Kits For All Major Axle Sets
  • 100% Born To Be Illegal
  • All Made In Europe

Funders Club: Do Raise To Rise! 

It’s always super exciting for us to launch a Funders Club new product release but this one really makes us stoked. The 5th campaign in the history of Funders Club brings you a whole new world: the world of natural born cheater outlaw rock crawler RC.

After 7 months of designing, prototyping and bugfixing we got there to release our very first cheater LCG platform: meet the Cheatr™ Prank™ Outlaw LCG Chassis System.

We are so happy to be able to establish a community platform for the drivers really supporting rock crawler RC while being able to come out with such an amazing product line like the all-new Cheatr™ Prank™ Outlaw LCG Chassis System.

Enjoy becoming a proud member of Funders Club by PROCRAWLER®😍😍😍

Select Your Cheatr™ Prank™ Funder Reward Option:

  • Single Pack – SAVE 39.80€ (15%)
  • Tranny Single Pack – SAVE 89.75€ (20%)
  • Friends Pack – SAVE 129.55€ (25%)
  • Tranny Friends Pack – SAVE 279.45€ (30%)

Secure Yours Today

Estimated shipping: Early April 2024

Worldwide shipping as always ✈️✈️✈️

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