Grind™ 431 V2 LCG OD Transmission Launched

The Grind™ 431 V1 became a real #podiumkiller LCG OD transmission from the very first moment of its release. After 10 months of hard work we proudly let you know we were able to override even our own imagination and make it even lighter, even thinner, even better.

Meet the Grind™ 431 V2 LCG OD transmission.

Key Features

  • 69g Total Weight With Skid
  • All-New Hyper Lightened, Hardened And Pinned Custom Chromoly Gears
  • 31% Sweet Spot Overdrive
  • Carefully Engineered Gear Ratios As Always
  • Dedicated 6º Re-Angled & Straight Skid Options
  • Free Funders Club Member T-shirt and transmitter lanyard

Funders Club: Do Raise To Rise!

We are super proud and excited to start with the very first Funders Club campaign dedicated to the all-new Grind™ 431 V2 LCG OD Transmission. This brand new community format with the idea of “Do Raise To Rise” totally turned us on.

Enjoy becoming a proud member of Funders Club by PROCRAWLER®.

Select Your Reward Option:

  • Single Pack – SAVE 17%
  • Yuuki™ FS1 V1 Pack – SAVE 29%
  • Flatgekko™ C23 V2R Pack – SAVE 29%
  • Dealer Pack – SAVE 39%


Worldwide shipping as always.

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