Madstockr™ Budget LCG Chassis System Released

Get Low. Get Into Play.

We created several pro comp level LCG chassis systems like the Flatgekko™ C23 V1/V2/V2R and the Yuuki™ FS1V1 and thanks God and all the guys out there on the rocks drivers truly love them.

Now we felt it’s also time to support the drivers just getting to know with LCG crawling looking for a platform to start with or being on a budget: the next generation comp drivers.

Meet The Madstockr™

The idea behind the Madstockr™ Budget LCG Chassis System was to design an entry level budget LCG system with decent performance and quality straight out of the box on a budget price tag for all major stock scale crawler RTRs and kits.

Key Features

  1. LCG crawler performance for your stock vehicle on a budget
  2. Light and strong 3mm FR-4 chassis rails
  3. Ultra light SLS 3D printed high-tech nylon polymer chassis accessories
  4. Chassis kit versions supporting CMS and AMS setup
  5. Simple and smart additional performance option parts
  6. Seamless Grind™ ODT LCG OD Transmission integration
  7. Ultra light dedicated skid with metal inserts for your stock transmission
  8. Dedicated Basic and Full High-Clearance Link Kits supporting stock ETE sizes
  9. 100% legal to all major rulesets
  10. All-made in Europe

As for first please meet the Madstockr™ SCX10II and Enduro budget LCG chassis kits, option and spare parts and we have more on the development roadmap, of course.

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