Yuuki™ FS1: Freestyle Crawler R/C Power Unleashed

Today we start an amazing journey. After long months of hard work we are proud to introduce you not only a new LCG chassis system but an all-new sport specialty.

Please Welcome Freestyle Crawling!

We have been working hard for 6-7 months to establish our new love, freestyle crawling. Freestyle crawling was founded by IFROC International Federation Of Freestyle Radio Operated Rock Crawlers and aims to unleash a new layer in your rock crawler experience.

We are going to share tons of details regarding to freestyle crawling, for this post that would be too bold. You can check the ruleset and learn more on https://ifroc.org.

Yuuki™ FS1: World #1 Freestyle Crawler LCG Chassis System

We @PROCRAWLER® founded an all-new brand concept dedicated to our new love freestyle crawling called Yuuki™ and today we are super proud and happy to announce the first freestyle crawler RC product line, the world #1 Yuuki™ FS1 Performance Scale Class Freestyle Crawler LCG Chassis System.

Key Features

  1. World #1 freestyle crawler LCG chassis system certified by IFROC®
  2. Short rail design for ultimate freestyle performance scale crawler experience
  3. Ultra light SLS printed high-tech nylon polymer chassis accessories
  4. 2.5mm Toray® premium high-grade graphite chassis rails
  5. Seamless Grind™ ODT LCG OD Transmission integration
  6. Re-angled and ultra light metal inserted skids supporting all major transmissions
  7. FS1 V1 High-Clearance Link Kits supporting all major axle sets
  8. Hybrid Bullbone™ frame spacers with Toray® premium high grade graphite
  9. IFROC® Certified and 100% WRCCA Performance Scale legal
  10. All-made in Europe

Unleash your performance scale freestyle crawler experience with the Yuuki™ FS1 V1 LCG Chassis System certified by IFROC®.

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