Stonerockr™ LCG Offset Wheels: Ultra Light, Ultra Offset

After long months of hard work finally we are good to raise your LCG crawler performance to the next level.

Ultra Efficient LCG Crawler Wheeling

Please welcome the ultra light and ultra offset Flatgekko™ Stonerockr™ LCG Offset Wheel product line by @PROCRAWLER®.

Key features

  1. 100% LCG-driven design and tech specs
  2. Amazing 6-size offset ensuring perfect track-width even with portal axles
  3. Ultralight structure and materials to minimize rotating weight
  4. Smart X-Ventz™ system to enable/disable tires ventilation
  5. 2.5mm Toray® premium high-grade graphite front plates and high-tech PA12 composite inner, bead and front rings
  6. Available in 1.9″ and 2.2″ sizes with badass design and color range
  7. Fits all standard 1.9″ and 2.2″ tires
  8. 100% legal to all major rulesets
  9. Chosen aluminium hex hubs and stainless steel hardware included
  10. All-made in Europe

Design, functionality and materials all are focusing on the same mission: empowering wheels to give maximum support for your ultimate LCG performance.

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