Grind™ 431 LCG OD Transmission: Superlight, Superlow

After 10 neverending months of engineering, testing and development today we @PROCRAWLER® are super proud to announce: the Flatgekko™ Grind 431™ LCG OD Transmission has been released.

Key Features

  1. Super light & super low LCG design
  2. 31% sweet spot overdrive
  3. Lightened & hardened custom chromoly gears
  4. 2.5mm Toray® premium high-grade graphite motorplate
  5. Ultra light high-tech nylon polymer housing
  6. Custom stainless steel shafts
  7. High-performance & durable bearings
  8. Carefully engineered gear ratios
  9. Dedicated C23 V1/V2/V2R, 6º re-angled and straight skid options
  10. All-made in Europe

Thanks So Much

Special thanks to all who helped us to succeed with it, especially Balázs Hered, Bálint Czere, István Ádám and our superman Massimo Bonvini!

Thank you guys, this is so important milestone in our life!

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